Marylee Talks Body School

Marylee is nothing short of amazing. Whether you’re looking for a group Pilates mat or equipment class, structural integration, teacher training, private Pilates sessions, or an insightful book on Pilates anatomy, our resident Pilates expert and studio owner Marylee has you covered. With Body School just around the corner, we sat down with Marylee to talk about her inspiration for this innovative series of anatomy workshops.


When did you become interested in functional anatomy?

My curiosity about the body began when I was little, observing sensations within myself–you know, electric jolts and muscle flutters, that sort of thing–and wondering if somewhere, someone had answers to what was happening inside of me.  Some time between those early years and college, I left my body behind, due to a series of traumatic experiences, including physical and emotional injuries. Gradually, beginning in my late teens and continuing well into my 30s, I found the way back home to my body.

How did you begin to study your internal experience?

Perhaps it was a bit of a blessing that I was underinsured for most of those years when I lived outside my body.  Instead of turning to allopathic medicine, I was determined to become my own healer.  I went back to school for massage, took workshops, worked with alternative health practitioners, and researched and read whatever seemed relevant.  I was fortunate to encounter some superb teachers: physical therapists, a somatic psychologist, chiropractors, bodyworkers, yoga teachers, anatomy teachers, and spiritual guides.  I came to realize that everything that I needed to heal my wounds, manage my physical setbacks, and step fully into my divine purpose, was right beneath my skin.  I was inspired to create Body School because, how could I NOT share what I’ve learned with the world?

What makes Body School empowering?

Understanding my own body, its sensations and mechanics, has empowered me beyond measure.  Body School is my chance to help others take charge of their own movement health, so they can move better, for longer, and with all the wonder and respect due to each and every body. 



Body School starts in March. For more information and to register, click here!

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