Body School Student Journal – 1


The ABCs of Functional Anatomy

We went back to the basics and explored the dichotomy of body and mind, the theories of eastern and western body ideals, the new school concepts of healthy movement, and the innate wisdom of the body.


Body and Mind

Once believed to be complete separate entities, more and more research shows that our mind has a profound effect on our body. The connective tissue of the muscles, faschia, is intelligent, and it respond to our thoughts as well as our movement. Intelligent movement, not high intensity exercise to the point of muscle fatigue, is the way promote long term health.


West vs. East Body Ideals

Western, and specifically American, body aesthetics are shaped by the image of the Greco-Roman Olympians in all his muscular glory. Emphasis was (and is) placed on the appearance of the larger, visible, compressive muscles like six-pack abs and big biceps. Smaller, externally invisible decompressive muscles are not often the target for gym workouts.

By contrast, eastern bodies, as represented by Chinese traditions, focuses on the flow of movement. Bulky muscles are not idealized and romanticized, instead the focus is more on the quality of movement and muscles are leaner.

Healthy Movement

Believe it or not, healthy movement is a very new concept. Even more surprising, healthy movement has to be learned (and some patterns unlearned). It emphasizes precision, adaptability, and effort management. We learn in Pilates to minimize and eliminate uncontrolled movements through joint isolation. We create adaptable bodies through multiple exercises for each area of the body, not one exercise repeatedly. We looks at the body as a system, not as muscles in isolation. This is just the tip of the iceberg! We spent 3 hours talking about this yesterday!


The Innate Wisdom of the Body

Our bodies keep the score. We hold trauma, emotions, injuries, and ideas in our bodies. When we tune in to what the body has to say, we can become our own healers and shape our lives.

Does this sound amazing? Sign up for our next workshop, Explore the Core and get the information straight from the source: our fabulous anatomy guru and Pilates superstar, Marylee!

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