Body School Student Journal – 2

Body School spent last Saturday exploring the core. We learned what it is, what it does, and why it’s important, all while reinforcing and expanding our functional anatomy vocabulary.


Did you know that your gut has a brain?

It does! You have same number of neurons in your gut as a cat has in their entire brain! This gives whole new meaning to phrases like “gut instinct” or to “know it in your gut”. Remember also that emotional trauma and patterns, as well as physical trauma, can be stored in the muscles.


Prime Movers and Synergists

All muscles in the body perform certain actions (and many of them are named for those actions), but they don’t work in isolation! The primary muscle involved in an action is called the prime mover, but surrounding muscles assist the action and are called synergists. If you suffer from a injury to a prime mover, your body will adapt and synergists may take on a larger role, which may result in synergist dominance if the prime mover doesn’t heal correctly. The whole body works as an integrated machine, and one change sets off a chain reaction.


Building the Two Diaphragms

Your body has two diaphragms, your respiratory diaphragm and your pelvic floor. Much of Pilates deals with finding the correct alignment of these two diaphragms so that you can breath better, have greater adaptability of movement, and find your neutral (and most efficient) spine. Your core muscles wrap around your abdomen, between, above, and below your respiratory diaphragm and pelvic floor to protect your organs and assist in movement of the torso.


The Importance of Experiential Education

The great thing about functional anatomy is that you can feel it at work in your own body. No class is complete without listening to what our own bodies have to say about what we’re learning.


Join us next week to Explore the Pelvic Floor! You can sign up for this amazing workshop here!


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