Keom and Thai Bodywork

Keom has been studying Thai Bodywork for over 10 years. This winter, he had the opportunity to visit to Thailand to study with master bodyworker, Pichet. After he returned to Hyde Park, he was eager to share his experiences and Thai bodywork skills with the community.

What is Thai Bodywork?

It goes by many names. Some call it Thai Massage, or Thai Yoga Massage, or Thai Bodywork. The practice itself can be performed by anyone.The energy work of the practice has Buddhist origins, and the most essential components of this work are holding space with another person, using healing touch, being quiet, and listening.

Thai Bodywork is needed in today’s society because it’s interactive. Americans currently have a psychological, physical, and mental block when it comes to touch, but it is so important to our health to connect with others. Since this work is interactive, while you are helping another person, you are also helping yourself.

Why Thailand?

First of all, Pichet is an amazing master teacher, and this was an opportunity to get in touch with the bigger tradition Thai Bodywork. You never stop learning in bodywork. You are a teacher and also a student for as long as you practice. Each training gives you more tools to work with to assess and work with a person’s situation. There were people at the training that had been doing Thai Bodywork for decades, but that came to continue their training in a sangha (community) with this legendary teacher, Pichet. This was a learning vacation for me.

What was your schedule like in Chiang Mai?

  • 7am – Get up, walk one mile to the bus stop
  • 8am – arrive at Pichet’s house. Buddhist chanting
  • 8:30am – 4pm dharma talks by Pichet, formal instruction, practicum
  • 4pm – sightseeing around Chiang Mai

Keom has brought back so many stories (like how he sprained his ankle halfway through training…ouch!) and new practices to share. His workshop will broaden your perspective on energy work, massage, and teach you some tools for self-care.

Sound intriguing? Sign up for Keom’s Thai Bodywork workshop, Sunday, March 26, at 5:45pm!

Pre-registration requested. Sign up here!

$18 or 1 unit of your studio pass, per person.

Keom will also be hosting private Thai Bodywork sessions at the studio. For more information, call or email us!

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  1. The Smiling Pilgrim says:

    Looks like some good body work 🙂


    1. Keom is fantastic! If you’re in Chicago this weekend, you should check out his workshop!


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