Body School Student Journal – 4

Shake your Bundamentals!

Stretch breaks aren’t the only thing we need to incorporate into our largely sedentary lives. Ever wonder what happens when you sit all day, either driving, working, or relaxing? Similar to what happens in an instance of injury, the muscles of your butt develop amnesia. The nerves in your buttocks go to sleep and your brain loses the connection to control the muscles.


Wake up your glutes!

One activity we tried to wake up the glutes was hip hiking at the wall with the exercise ball. Performing this action requires engagement of your lovely gluteus medius and it is a quick remedy to identify the deeper layers of glute muscles if you are unsure of how to isolate them.


What muscles compose the bundamentals?

They aren’t all glutes. Of course we have our gluteus maximus, gluteus medius, and gluteus minimus, but we also have the deep six lateral hip flexors, the adductors, the quadriceps, and the hamstrings. Each of these muscle groups work to maneuver the pelvis and legs.

The more layers of muscles were added to our little skeletons, the easier it was to see that our bones are really floating in a soft tissue matrix.


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