Body School Student Journal – 5

Rip Van Ankle and Foot

There are lots of sleepy feet out there. The shoes we wear, how we grew up, how we sit, stand, and exercise: all these things can distance us from our awareness of our feet. Once a muscle becomes tight or injured, other muscle will pick up the slack. We see this in changes in people’s gait, all alterations to avoid using a weak or injured part of the body. Without the awareness of the alteration, we can form unhealthy movement habits.


Stirrups aren’t just for horses.

Several muscles of the feet create a stirrup around the foot. These muscles give shape to the arch, and support proper movement of the foot. Many of these muscles originate along the tibia and fibula, or even above the knee.


How Pilates can help

Pilates is an intellectual exercise as much as a physical one. Through mindful movement, you can begin to identify what’s going on in your body and begin to correct unhealthy habits. Resistance bands, foot correctors, toe correctors, and massage balls can target areas, release built up tension, and strengthen weak muscles.

We’re off for Easter, but we are back on the 22nd to learn about our shoulders! Register here!

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