Marcy, Pilates, Family, & Hyde Park

A marvelous Pilates Instructor, Master Gardener, long time Hyde Park local, dedicated mother and grandmother. We sat down with none other that Marcy to hear about her experiences with Pilates and life in Hyde Park.

How did you first encounter Pilates?

I was a latecomer to Pilates.  When I was 50 I was diagnosed with thyroid disease which destroyed my metabolism.  As part of my path to restoring my health and energy, I began taking Pilates mat classes at a local gym.  Luckily for me I had an outstanding teacher who brought her background as a dancer to her classical style classes.  I was hooked.  I got control of my body back, became much stronger than I had been before my illness, and realigned my hips and shoulders.  My teacher encouraged me to get my Pilates teacher certification so that I could sub for her classes.  I started doing just that eleven years ago, then continued my education to be able to teach on the Pilates equipment.

Have you seen Hyde Park change its attitude toward health and fitness?

Over the many years I have lived in Hyde Park, I have seen a community of intellectuals embrace the idea that physical exercise is as important as expanding mental capacity, and it has been very exciting for me to get to share my passion for everything Pilates has to offer in that context.  I think my own experience can inspire clients to not be intimidated by the Pilates program and to understand the possibilities for improved strength and alignment.

What other work do you do, in addition to teaching Pilates?

My main career has been that of stay at home mom to our 4 daughters who are now all adults out on their own.  During their formative years I became very involved with neighborhood groups and organizations that support the public schools, the local parks, and economic development in Hyde Park.  I also became a Master Gardner through the University of Illinois Cooperative Extension.  In recent years, I turned that volunteer gardening work into my own garden consulting business.  Through my company, Marcy’s Gardens, I help people create beautiful flower gardens in their yards, either by designing new beds or reclaiming overgrown old gardens.  I maintain gardens for some clients and for others, I teach them how to properly maintain the perennials themselves.
My latest passion is our 4 beautiful granddaughters and yes, they all do Pilates with Grandma!

Marcy is amazing and her classes are fabulous. If you haven’t tried one yet, sign up here! Be sure to preregister for her equipment classes because they fill up fast!

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