Body School Student Journal – 7

We spent the penultimate Saturday of Body School exploring the muscles that help us breathe, the effect of breathing habits on posture and the brain, and how different exercise styles breathe in different ways.


Body School Student Journal – 6

The second pelvis, the second powerhouse, and more in Shoulder City!

Body School Student Journal – 5

There are lots of sleepy feet out there. The shoes we wear, how we grew up, how we sit, stand, and exercise: all these things can distance us from our awareness of our feet.

Body School Student Journal – 4

Stretch breaks aren’t the only thing we need to incorporate into our largely sedentary lives. Ever wonder what happens when you sit all day, either driving, working, or relaxing?

Body School Student Journal – 3

We spent Saturday finding, building, and exploring the pelvic floor. What is it made out of? What does it do? What happens if we don’t pay attention to it?

Body School Student Journal – 2

The great thing about functional anatomy is that you can feel it at work in your own body. No class is complete without listening to what our own bodies have to say about what we’re learning.

Body School Student Journal – 1

We went back to the basics and explored the dichotomy of body and mind, the theories of eastern and western body ideals, concepts of healthy movement, and the innate wisdom of the body.

Marylee Talks Body School

Marylee is nothing short of amazing. Whether you’re looking for a group Pilates mat or equipment class, structural integration, teacher training, private Pilates sessions, or an insightful book on Pilates anatomy, our resident Pilates expert and studio owner Marylee has you covered. With Body School just around the corner, we sat down with Marylee to…